Bradley’s One Lucky Guy

bradley cooper

Watching A Star is Born with its avalanche of acting talent and jaw-dropping musical performances, I was struck with one thought over and over again.

Bradley Cooper’s lucky I didn’t accept the role.

Sure, it would have been amazing to get back on the stage and growl into the microphone with my whiskey breath—to feel the heat of the spotlight on my face, the sweat rolling down my back as I sing “Shallow,” and wail on my Fender Mustang. The fact that Lady Gaga signed on made it especially tempting. We could have belted out some amazing duets together—me with my long hair and cowboy beard, Gaga with those admiring eyes locked on me from across the stage. I mean, it would have been magic.

But just as in the movie, there comes a time when the aging rocker must concede the limelight to the newcomer. And Bradley seems like a good guy with a ton of undeveloped talent. Maybe my stepping aside will give him the break he needs. He can quit his job at Ruby Tuesday and really focus on his acting. It feels good to have done the generous thing.

I just hope Gaga can forgive me.

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