A Mother’s Cancer, In a Poem

A Meeting, Eventually It was a taking-away for you— eight years of Providence slow unfolding— like cloud-shadows passing over low, green fields— as the obedient soul yields to its story’s ending. Perhaps I shall yield as well at a point I cannot foretell— though you may see an altered course: a truck weaving up the … Continue reading A Mother’s Cancer, In a Poem

A Tiny Poem About a Tiny Purple Plant

With spring here, I figured I'd post another short poem—this one about a tiny purple plant. To Lithops Optica cv Rubra Merely two turgid leaves of purple— more haiku than sonnet. Yet, like Caesar’s Tyrian robe, there is grandeur in you.   Note: The Lithops optica cv rubra is a south African plant no larger … Continue reading A Tiny Poem About a Tiny Purple Plant

What Dogs Know About Wonder

It is said that human beings are distinguished from other animals by our knowledge of our own mortality. As far as distinctions go, that one kind of sucks. It does remind me, though, that we can learn a lot from animals—particularly dogs. They lead their doggie lives blissfully unaware they'll be garden fertilizer before too … Continue reading What Dogs Know About Wonder

The Delirious Art of Writing About Absolutely Nothing

When it comes to posting on my blog, I take my responsibility very seriously. I aim to post at least three times per week. I have a schedule that maps out five discrete but related content categories—or, as we call them in content marketing, pillars. I try to identify subjects that, while perhaps seen through … Continue reading The Delirious Art of Writing About Absolutely Nothing

Facebook, Ancient Coins, and Defying Age

Among my many strange interests is a fascination with ancient Roman coins. In particular I like the silver and gold coinage of the Roman “imperatorial” period and early empire, starting in 49 BC and extending through the mid-second century. It’s a fascinating time in history when epic figures like Julius Caesar, Pompey, Marc Antony, Cleopatra, … Continue reading Facebook, Ancient Coins, and Defying Age

Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

On a recent excursion to Notting Hill in London, I stopped in a shop where, I’d been told, they sell lots of cool Banksy t-shirts. Banksy has become quite a phenomenon worldwide, particularly after his “Girl With Balloon,” up for auction at Sotheby’s in London, shredded itself in front of the astonished auctioneer and bidders. … Continue reading Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

Doing the Art Thing at Frieze London

This October, when I went to visit my wife in London, where she taught English for the 2018 fall semester, she told me she had bought tickets to Frieze London. She was very excited about it. I asked her what Frieze London is, and she explained it’s a huge, very high-end international contemporary art fair … Continue reading Doing the Art Thing at Frieze London

So You Found Me…

Whether you meant to or not, you’ve arrived at my digital thought lab where I experiment with ideas and take my creative faculties out for a spin. "All of That" refers to the broad and incoherent array of topics I’ll be exploring here. Because I spent three decades as a business owner and leader in … Continue reading So You Found Me…

Body Art

We Baby Boomers aren’t as into body adornment as millennials. We’re the ones who see a guy with big, inked-up arms and make the tired observation, “That’s not going to look so hot when he’s 70.” Then we snicker with self-approval. Secretly, though, some of us think that dude’s arms look pretty cool. I mean, … Continue reading Body Art