A Mother’s Cancer, In a Poem

A Meeting, Eventually It was a taking-away for you— eight years of Providence slow unfolding— like cloud-shadows passing over low, green fields— as the obedient soul yields to its story’s ending. Perhaps I shall yield as well at a point I cannot foretell— though you may see an altered course: a truck weaving up the … Continue reading A Mother’s Cancer, In a Poem

Living Life in the Low Beams

The final chapter of my book Midpoint: Manhood, Midlife, and Prostate Cancer, ends with my nervously checking the results of my first post-surgery PSA test. The news that day was good—none of the antigen was detectable in my blood, which indicated that, for then at least, the cancer was beat back. Since then, I've lived … Continue reading Living Life in the Low Beams

Can Men Be Trusted With PSA Screening?

My daughter is reading Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Natural Causes for a sociology course in college. This week she’s been home for Spring break, catching up on her sleep and getting ahead on course reading. Now, my daughter knows I have strong opinions on prostate cancer screening, so it was a significant moment when she set … Continue reading Can Men Be Trusted With PSA Screening?

“Captain Obvious” Advice for Your Prostate Health

Every now and then I see my wife, a professor of 19th-century British literature, reading a new lit-crit article with a title like "String Theory in Browning's 'Fra Lippo Lippi.'" That's when I remark that everything worth saying about literature was written before 1950. I realize, of course, that's snarky nonsense. Sometimes, though, it seems … Continue reading “Captain Obvious” Advice for Your Prostate Health

Rethinking the Whole Manhood Thing

It had been more than six months since we’d seen this couple. My wife had been teaching abroad for a semester and during her absence I didn't go out much. Now that Barbara was back in the States, though, our social calendar was repopulated with evenings out like this one. We met at a favorite … Continue reading Rethinking the Whole Manhood Thing

CBD, Prostate Cancer, and Just Carrying On

If you haven’t heard about CBD (cannabidiol, one of 113 “cannabinoids” found in Cannabis plants) you’re not spending much time online. As for me, I was fairly late to the party, having heard about CBD a while ago but filed it away in my pseudoscience dustbin. As with many things in life, though, I wrote … Continue reading CBD, Prostate Cancer, and Just Carrying On

Fish Oil, Prostate Cancer, and Way Too Much Information

I think it was 2005 when I went to Canyon Ranch for one of their intensive “ultraprevention” check-ups. This approach to wellness was tied to a book of the same title by Canyon Ranch Chief Medical Officer Mark Liponis and general practitioner Mark Hyman. The book and program focus on understanding the unique health needs … Continue reading Fish Oil, Prostate Cancer, and Way Too Much Information

A Year Between Two December Days

It’s kind of spooky how consistent the weather can be from year to year. Even with the effects of global warming, which are unmistakable in upstate New York, a day in December one year is eerily like the previous year. It’s almost enough to make you believe there really is a cosmic clockmaker whose spheres … Continue reading A Year Between Two December Days

Reading the Livestrong Wall

This picture is of a wall at the Saratoga Springs branch of the Saratoga Regional YMCA where I work out and serve as a trustee. Located on the second floor at one end of the indoor track, it refers to the Livestrong at the YMCA program which promotes physical fitness for people dealing with cancer … Continue reading Reading the Livestrong Wall

The Great PSA Controversy

I’ve heard PSA screening referred to as one of the top controversies in men’s health. And where there's controversy there's confusion. Given that prostate cancer is the number two cause of cancer deaths among men, confusion around screening for the disease is problematic and potentially dangerous. A Philadelphia-based genitourinary surgeon named Alexander Kutikov recently attempted … Continue reading The Great PSA Controversy