MLK Day 2019

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day made for some interesting media watching today—particularly on Twitter where the hashtag #MLKDay provided some memorable moments. Celebrities and politicians, apparently, like to tweet pictures of Rev. King along with his most inspirational quotes. Many of their tweets feel de rigueur, though, as if not marking the occasion would land … Continue reading MLK Day 2019

Why “Gladiator” Rocks My Masculine Soul

Most men over 30 know and love the movie Gladiator. When I’m in the mood for a quintessentially male movie after my wife has gone to bed, I have several options—Braveheart, The Patriot, Saving Private Ryan, Good Fellas—but Gladiator has been my hands-down favorite since I heard Maximus scream at the crowd “Are you not … Continue reading Why “Gladiator” Rocks My Masculine Soul

The Unpleasant Business of Firing People

For managers, few things suck more than firing an employee. Terminating a member of your staff is a strangely intimate and perilous action; and all but the most calloused individuals dread having to take such a step. Even though you may feel absolutely certain your decision is right for the company, the team, even the … Continue reading The Unpleasant Business of Firing People

Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

On a recent excursion to Notting Hill in London, I stopped in a shop where, I’d been told, they sell lots of cool Banksy t-shirts. Banksy has become quite a phenomenon worldwide, particularly after his “Girl With Balloon,” up for auction at Sotheby’s in London, shredded itself in front of the astonished auctioneer and bidders. … Continue reading Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

The Case for Owning Inequality

There’s one thing I’ve learned for sure from reading about race: A quick way to find the fault line between Left and Right is to broach the subject of reparations. Nothing quite gets Conservatives riled up like a $1.4-trillion transfer of wealth to the African-American community to restore it to what economist Robert Browne described … Continue reading The Case for Owning Inequality

Making a Good Business, Brick by Brick

Until embarrassingly late in life, it never occurred to me how much my upbringing affected how I ran my marketing communications business. I was a Presbyterian minister’s fifth and last kid, but because I went into marketing, I didn’t see a lot of obvious connections between his world view and the gritty world of business … Continue reading Making a Good Business, Brick by Brick

Forty Years Later, the Irony of Race

Martin Luther King famously remarked that “11 o’clock on Sunday morning is one of the most segregated hours” in America. When I was in high school in the “integrated” Denver Public Schools, I could have made the case that AP American History was just as segregated. For a school that had bussed its way to … Continue reading Forty Years Later, the Irony of Race

No, Honey, You Can’t Have a Lizard

When I was a kid, my father and I drove up to the mountains west of Denver for the day. On the way back, we stopped in the town of Dillon for some ice cream. There’s a lake by the highway there and, after eating my ice cream, I wandered around the water’s edge looking … Continue reading No, Honey, You Can’t Have a Lizard

Hire People, Not Your Imagination

Countless times, I’ve been my own worst enemy when hiring. That’s because I spent too much time hiring what I wanted to see in a candidate instead of what I saw. A lot of managers do the same thing, resulting in turnover, wasted money, and internal strife. Assessments and standardized hiring processes help, but as … Continue reading Hire People, Not Your Imagination

So You Found Me…

Whether you meant to or not, you’ve arrived at my digital thought lab where I experiment with ideas and take my creative faculties out for a spin. "All of That" refers to the broad and incoherent array of topics I’ll be exploring here. Because I spent three decades as a business owner and leader in … Continue reading So You Found Me…