Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

On a recent excursion to Notting Hill in London, I stopped in a shop where, I’d been told, they sell lots of cool Banksy t-shirts. Banksy has become quite a phenomenon worldwide, particularly after his “Girl With Balloon,” up for auction at Sotheby’s in London, shredded itself in front of the astonished auctioneer and bidders. … Continue reading Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

Murdering Old Possum

This post is about T. S. Eliot, not about killing helpless marsupials. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. On a recent night-time walk in the Bloomsbury district of London, my wife and I came across the original location of Faber & Faber, the publishing outfit where T. S. Eliot worked for 40 years. Outside … Continue reading Murdering Old Possum

Doing the Art Thing at Frieze London

This October, when I went to visit my wife in London, where she taught English for the 2018 fall semester, she told me she had bought tickets to Frieze London. She was very excited about it. I asked her what Frieze London is, and she explained it’s a huge, very high-end international contemporary art fair … Continue reading Doing the Art Thing at Frieze London