Gillette’s Awkward Moment in the Pulpit

It was inevitable that a brand built on a vision of American masculinity would weigh into the #MeToo debate. Gillette's "toxic masculinity" ad is a glossy, if preachy, effort to assert the company's moral position on a topic that has swept like wildfire through social media and our culture at large. Gillette's painfully awkward moment reminds … Continue reading Gillette’s Awkward Moment in the Pulpit

Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

On a recent excursion to Notting Hill in London, I stopped in a shop where, I’d been told, they sell lots of cool Banksy t-shirts. Banksy has become quite a phenomenon worldwide, particularly after his “Girl With Balloon,” up for auction at Sotheby’s in London, shredded itself in front of the astonished auctioneer and bidders. … Continue reading Banksy and the Hypocritical Talking T-Shirt

Bradley’s One Lucky Guy

Watching A Star is Born with its avalanche of acting talent and jaw-dropping musical performances, I was struck with one thought over and over again. Bradley Cooper’s lucky I didn’t accept the role. Sure, it would have been amazing to get back on the stage and growl into the microphone with my whiskey breath—to feel the heat … Continue reading Bradley’s One Lucky Guy