The Delirious Art of Writing About Absolutely Nothing

When it comes to posting on my blog, I take my responsibility very seriously. I aim to post at least three times per week. I have a schedule that maps out five discrete but related content categories—or, as we call them in content marketing, pillars. I try to identify subjects that, while perhaps seen through … Continue reading The Delirious Art of Writing About Absolutely Nothing

Murdering Old Possum

This post is about T. S. Eliot, not about killing helpless marsupials. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. On a recent night-time walk in the Bloomsbury district of London, my wife and I came across the original location of Faber & Faber, the publishing outfit where T. S. Eliot worked for 40 years. Outside … Continue reading Murdering Old Possum

We Are Lesion

There are some words I just despise. Like nasty. And ilk. Some words I hate for how ugly they sound, others for my association with them. Some words have both marks against them—like lesion. There is nothing good about that word. First of all, it sounds like a disease, with that eeezh sound dragging itself … Continue reading We Are Lesion